Peter Nys


Peter Nys engineer-architect founded ANTAE bv in 2002.

Antae is a consultancy agency in technical advice and coordination of construction works.
Antae specializes in project follow-up as well as delegated project management of complex, larger and smaller projects.

Antae distinguishes itself in technical knowledge and extensive application of structured organization and methodology.

Multidisciplinary consultation with  different partners is always the starting point, using systematic and correct reporting as an active policy instrument.
The essential control parameters for a project are budget , planning , and quality. and advices. 



Antae's experience is diverse:

  • Office projects: The Corporate Village, KPN, Telecom Gardens, Tour Albert.
  • Inner-city projects with mixed functions: Bel Air, Tour & Taxis.
  • Medium projects: BNP, JEKA. Technical advice (CARLSBERG) and private projects
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